Websites: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make


Feature of a Bad E-Commerce Website

People who buy goods and services are known as customers. Today, marketing is also being carried on the internet. Selling and buying goods and services over the internet is known as e-commerce. The online sellers come up with websites which contain all the details of the goods and services they sell. The customer visits the online store and creates an account. The customers then fill a form which should clearly indicate all the relevant details.

After the order is approved, the items are delivered to the customer’s doorsteps. The buyer is supposed to scrutinize the goods he/she has received before making payment. The online seller website is the main thing that dictates the number of customers a seller receives. Below are features of a frustrating e-commerce website.

An unappealing e-commerce website upset most customers. Customers hate ugly websites. A good website should be carefully designed and simple to use. Many adverts, large images and videos, bad fonts, poor themes and many animations make a website less attractive. You can hire a professional who is good in web design. In case you disregard this, you will definitely receive a low number of buyers.

Customers are set back by an unresponsive e-commerce website. Today, technology has really improved and there are many devices which are internet enabled. Tablets, mobile phones, palmtops and laptops among others can also access the internet. The devices have different screen properties. A good e-commerce website should appear as original in all these devices. Websites that hide content on different devices and are poorly optimized, upsets customers. Visit the Pixel Productions Inc. website to learn more.

Many pop-ups on a website repel many customers. On a website, adverts that appear suddenly and without being anticipated are known as pop-ups. There is nothing that disappoints as visiting a website but pop-ups prevent you from reading the content. In order to make more online sales, please do away with pop-ups.

A website that takes long to load also upsets visitors. Internet users hate slow websites. Poor network coverage, sluggish devices and websites with a lot of content cause this. Websites which have a lot of content such as videos, animations, images and other large files takes long to load. As an online seller, make sure your website has few of this large contents.

A boring website is unattractive. A boring website is a website with old content, outdated design, unattractive colors and generic photos among others. Make sure your website bores no customers.

To make more profit using your e-commerce website, consider the above things.