Becoming a Top Ranked Search Firm


There are many attributes required to go from an ordinary recruiting firm to a Top ranked search firm. It does not happen overnight, but it can happen. The first step is to research top ranked agencies to discover what they have in common that is different from any ordinary agencies A client-focused search is standard practice for all recruiting agencies. Recruiters learn all they can about the specific business and search for candidates based on client preferences and goals.

Going Beyond Standard Practices

Former professionals from all industries served are hired as recruiters in top firms. That gives the recruiting team insights into how a particular industry operates in general, current trends, and demands of the position. A search is not completed by one recruiter but in teams with recruiters who have worked in the practice area industry. Engineers, for example, are on the team that recruits engineering supervisors.

Always Be Recruiting

Top ranked firms are constantly recruiting candidates, even employed ones, to register in their database. The result is a vast and varied resource of professionals and executives right at the fingertips of recruiters. Experience, education, and backgrounds have all been checked and verified, initial interviews are completed, and salary requirements and location preferences are noted. When a request for candidates to fill an executive position is made, searches may not have to go past checking the database.

That database will save both the recruiting agency and the client time and money. Excellent matches are often readily available, avoiding the need to begin a new search. A short list is presented quickly, the business arranges for second interviews, and a candidate is selected. The situation is a triple win because the candidate, the agency, and the business are all satisfied with the experience.

Create an Innovative Approach

Top firms have each developed a process for recruiting that breaks from the traditional methods and techniques. Approaches may be similar, but they are not duplicated. A different way of marketing positions, for example, will lead to better candidates in a shorter time. Followup procedures to increase tenure times for placements can put an agency ahead of the competition. Built-in efficiency mechanisms mean continued improvement in services and delivery. Set goals for the agency to elevate its status and become top ranked.