Features of CodeGuard for Website Backup


Your website is seeing an increase in traffic, your business is scaling, but out of nowhere, you delete an important file or database from the server. This could be a nightmare leaving your website malfunctioning for days. The result could be a loss in SEO rankings, a decrease in traffic and a bad reputation. You get frustrated and wish there was a way when you can roll back time and restore your website to a time when it was running smoothly. You can rest assured as there is a solution called CodeGuard. 

What is CodeGuard?

CodeGuard is a service that provides holistic support for your website in terms of backups, monitoring and protection. It creates automatic backups for your files, monitors them for any changes, and sends a daily report to you for the same. It also gives you protection against viruses and malware attacks. The service is available through the cloud as well as through the hosting industry by partnering itself with them. On average, CodeGuard provides around 500,000 website backups a day. 

Features of CodeGuard-

  1. Cloud backups- the automatic backups created daily remains the USP of the product. CodeGuard takes the initial backup as soon as it gets connected to the website through SFTP/MySQL. It keeps track of all the changes made and notifies you by email. In case of any disaster, it lets you restore to the previous setting of any day you chose in a click of a button. 
  2. MalwareGone-     It uses data from ChangeAlerts to detect any malware, trojans, or viruses activity on your server, and removes them utilizing backups from the cloud. This makes it a next-generation malware-detection tool which does not solely rely on malware signatures for protection. This also keeps the hackers away by notifying you of any recorded glitches.
  3. WordPress update- CodeGuard provides automatic updates for WordPress plugins to keep your website fast, secure and optimized. If any error is detected during or after the update, CodeGuard automatically rolls back to the last smooth working update. This allows the user to be less concerned about frequent updates as the work is done on autopilot mode. 
  4. Trouble-free setup- being cloud-based, setting up CodeGuard is a cakewalk. You just need to simply add your website and let the application begin working on backups and updates. 
  5. Website migration- backing up all your data in the cloud makes website migration hassle-free. The user-friendly interface makes painful migration a thing of the past. 

Cloud Web Hosting is trending when it comes to your website needs and may even replace other technologies. It seems a good idea to store all your data in the cloud as it can easily be restored in times of crisis. CodeGuard helps you precisely with that. You can get a trial run from their official website or ask your web hosting provider for a good deal in connecting your website to CodeGuard. Do understand the benefits being provided by the host before enrolling for CodeGuard.