Pick Website Design Based on What You Need


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When you want to build a website, you have to determine first what you want for your website. Do you want to use it to post your daily activities or sell a product?

By determining the purpose of your web, you will not go in the wrong direction. It is due to the fact that there are many types of website. And each website has its own characteristic. The design is made to make sure that it fits  the purpose of building a website.

At least, there are five types of website that you should know.

  1. Ecommerce 

Indeed, you have been so familiar with https://www.bunnings.com.au/. It is an example of a great e-commerce website design. This website is designed with a simple concept. Navigation is carefully made in order that the visitors are able to pick the things they want to choose and lead them to the final step. It is a payment gateway. Therefore, no surprise when this site is frequently listed as one of the most visited ecommerce in Australia.

  • Blog

If you want to share information, experience, or thought of a certain topic, all you need is a blog. It is a site that is built with a dynamic homepage design. Therefore, every single content you post on your website, it will appear on the homepage.

  • Portal

Traditional newspaper has been left behind. People like reading news in a digital newspaper or portal. The design is actually like a traditional newspaper. On the homepage, there are some of the most updated contents of different topics.

  • TV or Video Streaming

Not all people like reading. Some of them prefer watching TV or video. For this time being, there is a TV or video streaming website. Netflix can be the best example, in this case.

  • Corporate 

Do you have a company? You might have a great and stunning office. However, make sure that more people know your business by building a website. Through the website, it becomes your virtual office in which you will be able to welcome your customers and give your services.

So, which type of website do you actually need? If you haven’t had any idea yet, feel free to contact Website Design Gold Coast. Their suggestion might be very helpful in order to make the best decision.